Many big brands are pursuing a separate selling channel like OmiSocial in addition to their presence on e-commerce platforms for the following reasons:

1. Improve the ability to reach customers and improve customer service on the platforms

For all industries and products, buying and selling policies on E-commerce platforms will usually follow a standard format. If you want to build a big brand for your company, having your own sales channel will help you implement better return and exchange policies as well as better customer service.

2. Assist in becoming more proactive in sales

Businesses will be able to easily regulate the content of their sales page and the source of consumers thanks to the feature of being a sales channel under their own administration, rather than being reliant on censorship restrictions on platforms like Facebook or sales discount policies on exchanges.

3. Marketing programs that are simple to implement

Exchange-based marketing is frequently more expensive than running your own sales channel. You will no longer be required to invest both marketing expenditures to attract people to your business and discount charges for each order sold on the platform.

4. Strengthen the brand's position

This is also why Adidas and Nike have pulled out of the world's two largest e-commerce platforms, Amazon and eBay. Other shoe manufacturers, such as Asics, use e-commerce to sell their high-end items.

Customers may compare their items to those of rivals, including low-cost knockoffs, when they sell on e-commerce platforms. Because the supervision of sales on the exchanges is still relatively lax, these businesses have withdrawn from selling on e-commerce platforms to build a separate marketplace to safeguard their items from being counterfeited.

E-commerce platforms have developed an attitude of wanting to seek for sale goods for consumers, in addition to just displaying products for sale on the website as before. As a result, Flash Sale programs, like exchanges, are now essential on private sales channels for enterprises. OmiSocial was designed to address the need for businesses to build push sale, upsell, and cross-selling strategies, which many website providers presently lack.

Advantages of using OmiSocial to execute Flash Sale campaigns

  • Simple and easy to use interface
  • Support for limited-time sales specials and volume sold is excellent.
  • There are cross-selling elements like buying at a shock price when the order reaches a certain minimum amount, presents with the main product, and so on.
  • Similar to Shopee, an optimal interface for mobile users.
  • OmiSocial does not charge any fees, thus there are no operational costs (Free)
  • Can link with Omisell to make it easier to sync orders from other sales channels to OmiSocial.
  • Orders synchronized from OmiSocial to Omisell for centralized order management may be processed automatically.

Using OmiSocial to execute Flash Sale campaigns on the platforms becomes considerably easier with these advantages. OmiSocial is now in the testing phase and has not yet been formally launched, but you can sign up to be one of the first units to try it out at this link: