OmiSocial is a FREE application platform that helps sellers to create a sales page, create a simple flash sale program, and easily share social media channels such as Facebook, Instagram, Tiktok, etc.

OmiSocial is a product to help online sellers have more easy and simple selling tools.

Core Features of OmiSocial

  • OmiSocial and Omisell can be used together to sync products from Shopee, Facebook, and Instagram. Omisocial's feature of synchronizing product information from Shopee, Facebook, and Instagram sales channels to post for sale on Omisocial's sales page saves users time and effort.
  • Create flash sale programs with ease, as well as attractive offers on the sales page. This is also a unique feature of OmiSocial when compared to other sales platforms. OmiSocial enables brands to quickly create promotional pages based on available templates for sales campaigns, synchronize products, and automatically update special prices, with sales promotion features such as adding products purchased at cheap prices, gifts, and Flash Sale discounts for a limited time.
  • Orders can be easily managed. When a customer places an order on Omisocial's sales page, the information about the order is saved so that the customer can track and process it later. Omisocial can also connect to the Omisell system to synchronize orders and process them on the Omisell manager automatically.
  • Payment is simple and convenient. Omisocial accepts a variety of payment methods, including Visa/Mastercard, QR code payment, wired transfer, COD payment, and delivery.

Why should you use OmiSocial?

Online sellers need a low-cost sales page to process customer orders systematically and professionally.

Customers who are using Omisell and want to open their own active selling channel can apply Flash Sale sales programs, gift incentive programs to promote sales like on the e-commerce platforms.

With 5 years of experience assisting businesses in the e-commerce industry, Boxme recognizes that current online sales platforms have limitations when it comes to supporting Flash Sale sales when compared to e-commerce platforms. For sellers who rely heavily on the sales channel on the floor, incentive programs like Flash Sale can help boost sales.

OmiSocial was created with the goal of assisting sellers on e-commerce platforms in running stock clearance programs, sales incentives to push sales, Cross-selling, and Upselling to be more proactive and less reliant on sales channels.

OmiSocial is expected to become an online sales channel to better support sellers and save costs, thanks to its simple design and easy-to-understand English interface.

The OmiSocial solution is not yet officially operational, but it will prioritize providing free packages to qualified customers. Sign up for a free OmiSocial trial right now!

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