The combination of Omisell and OmiSocial in assisting businesses in implementing Flash Sale programs benefits these units by allowing them to save a significant amount of money on system development while also promoting their brands.

What exactly is OmiSocial?

OmiSocial is a platform that allows merchants to establish FREE sales sites, easy flash sale programs, and quickly distribute content on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Tiktok.

What are the advantages of brands utilizing OmiSocial?

If companies do not utilize OmiSocial to conduct Flash Sale programs, they will either have to join in Flash Sale programs on exchanges and pay a commission on each sale order, or they will have to run Flash Sale programs themselves. If you don't use an e-commerce platform, it costs a lot of money to construct a fully working sales website to run Flash Sales or give away presents. In addition to the initial setup price, businesses must also pay an annual subscription to keep this website system running.

As a result, OmiSocial assists companies in drastically reducing the cost of developing and running Flash Sale programs. Furthermore, this platform has elements that aid in pushing sales and cross-selling, such as providing more gifts/items, purchasing more things at shockingly low costs, and so on. These aren't system features, but rather sales support features. Any sales website may be made to run efficiently.

OmiSocial, for example, offers a feature that allows companies to limit the amount of Flash Sale goods bought at a time, similar to the Shopee platform, allowing brands to prevent rival involvement while executing shock pricing campaigns.

In addition to startling golden hour specials, Flash Sales, and other sales support, This free sales page creation platform can also connect to the Omisell sales management system to synchronize product information from other sales channels to post on the sales page, as well as synchronize order information from OmiSocial to the Omisell system to process orders centrally from all sales channels, allowing brands to streamline sales and processing. When in use, order management

This platform eliminates the need for the operator to write code, allowing users to personalize the arrangement of information in the online shop to attract customers, and can be simply changed by drag and drop jobs.

Customers' and orders' information on OmiSocial will be gathered, as well as brand data, so that the Marketing department may evaluate and optimize sales, as well as better analyze consumer insights.

In summary, OmiSocial provides the following benefits to brands:

  • Save money by not having to create your own online sales platform
  • Help to raise brand recognition.
  • To develop sales plans, it's simple to utilize. Buy at shock pricing, receive presents, and more in a flash sale.
  • To minimize unfair competition from competitors, limit the quantity of items ordered in a single order.
  • Can be used in conjunction with Omisell's omni-channel sales management system to assist synchronize items and handle orders automatically.
  • Assist in the better management of client data in order to better provide customer insight analysis and make customer service more convenient.

These are the six advantages of using the OmiSocial platform by brands. Currently, the method is being tested with a few acceptable brands. You can sign up for OmiSocial for free.