OMISOCIAL is a FREE application platform that supports sellers to create sales pages, simple flash sale campaigns, and can easily share social media channels such as Facebook, Instagram, Tiktok, etc.

What is the role of OMISOCIAL in the selling process?

Create a simple, fast, and completely FREE sales page.
To start using Omisocial you can register here:

Sync products easily from Shopee, Facebook, Instagram
Omisocial saves time and effort for users with the feature of synchronizing product information from Shopee, Facebook, Instagram sales channels to post for sale on Omisocial's sales page.
You can see instructions on how to sync product information about Omisocial in this article

Create flash sale campaigns, attractive offers
Help brands quickly create promotion pages according to sales campaigns from available templates, synchronize products, and update special prices automatically with sales promotion features such as adding products buy with amazing price, gift, ...
See instructions on how to create a flash sale program on Omisocial in this article

Order Management

When a customer places an order on Omisocial's sales page, the order information will be recorded so that the customer can track and process it. In addition, Omisocial can connect with Omisell system to synchronize orders and process them automatically on Omisell's manager mode.
See instructions on how to sync orders from Omisocial to Omisell to process orders here

Omisocial supports many forms of payment such as Visa/Master, QR Code payment, wire transfer, COD delivery,...

Why you should use Omisocial?

Online sellers need a sales page to handle customer orders systematically and professionally.

Steps to use Omisocial
Step 1: Create a sales page
Create a link to the sales page on Omisocial. See instructions in the article: Instructions for creating a sales campaign page with Omisocial

Step 2: Create/add product
Add the products you want to post to the Omisocial sales page following the Instructions for adding products to Omisocial.

Step 3: Create Flash Sale, Gift sales campaigns (if any)
Create Flash Sale and Gift campaigns (if any) for the site according to these instructions:
- Instructions to create Flashsale Campaign on Omisocial
- Instructions to create a campaign with an amazing price on Omisocial

Step 4: Sales page design
Design the Omisocial sales page in the Shop Decoration section by dragging and dropping the image location boxes and adding an image with the link of that image.

Step 5: Advertise
Promote Omisocial sales page on sales channels for customers to purchase and create orders on the page

Step 6: Order tracking and optimization
Track orders on Omisocial sales page at orders section. From there, there are optimizations in terms of design, incentive programs, and effective marketing methods.

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