Flash Sale program is a great opportunity for sellers to boost sales, increase brand awareness and build loyal customers. However, not all Flash Sale programs have the desired effect. So what is the reason why Flash Sale fails? Let's find out what those reasons are with this article!

Do Flash Sale continuously, without orientation

There are many sellers who are "abusing" Flash Sale programs to stimulate demand, and this is the reason why Flash Sale is counterproductive. Sellers unintentionally do not know that this doing sale all day has made consumers lose faith in the brand, thinking that your product "sooner or later will have a sale".

Do not make customers always have the mentality of "Waiting for a sale to buy". Flash sale programs, which only appeared for a short time to push inventory, now appear regularly every month, even every day from shops.

Poor Logistics

Before launching a Flash Sale campaign, you need to make sure everything about the logistics is in place to deal with any situation. Prepare well for an uninterrupted customer experience.

A poor logistics Flash Sale program can include:

  • Do not prepare stock / emergency inventory when nearly out of stock
  • There is no Flash Sale countdown notice on the website
  • The product categories are messy, there is no Flash Sale collection for buyers to easily follow
  • Poor customer service

Prior to the Flash Sale, the seller must determine which goods are included in the program and whether the inventory is sufficient to fulfill the quantity sold in all scenarios. Out of stock during a Flash Sale will undoubtedly give customers an unpleasant experience. This is the primary cause for your Flash Sale's failure.

In logistics, the customer service provided by the shop cannot be overlooked. Because the number of customers in the Flash Sale will rise substantially, you will need to devote all of your attention to responding to messages and answering customer queries, in addition to focusing on the operation (picking up, packaging, etc.).

Sellers must offer explicit policies and restrictions on return and exchange for goods on the Flash Sale list in order to avoid overburdening customer support employees. Even if it's a Flash Sale item, you should provide your clients with a quality guarantee or promise.

So how does Flash Sale succeed?

For a large or small business, you must remember what the purpose of the Flash Sale program is to do. There are many reasons to organize a Flash Sale:

  • Customer Gratitude
  • Discharge inventory
  • Increase visits, find new customers

Sellers need to do is:

  • Create a sale program that is suitable for your size and select selective sale products
  • Build programs suitable for each type of customer
  • Ensure product quality and service quality
  • Limit the number of times Flash Sale

Flash Sale is an attractive discount program, great for sellers to boost sales and increase customers. However, this is also a double-edged sword that makes the job from favorite to "turn away" of customers if you do not do well. There are many businesses that have pushed the price of products up for Flash Sale, but this trick has been "unmasked" by many smart customers. Remember, honesty is the way to long-term business!

OmiSocial was created to meet the needs of implementing push sales, upsell and cross-selling programs for businesses – something that many website providers currently have limited.

Benefits of choosing OmiSocial to run Flash Sale programs

  • Simple interface easy to use
  • Good support for limited-time sales promotions, and the number of goods sold
  • There are cross-selling features such as buying with a shock price when the order reaches the minimum value, gifts with the main product, etc.
  • Optimal interface for phone users similar to Shopee
  • Operational cost savings as OmiSocial does not charge (Free)
  • Can connect with Omisell to sync orders from other sales channels to OmiSocial more easily.
  • Can process orders automatically through synchronizing orders from OmiSocial to Omisell for centralized order management.

With these benefits, using OmiSocial to run Flash Sale programs on the floor becomes much simpler. Currently OmiSocial is in the beta phase and has not been officially put into operation, but you can sign up to be one of the first to try OmiSocial here.