When a customer places an order on the Omisocial sales page, the Omisocial system will record the order information for the seller to continue processing. However, Omisocial simply saves this order information, but cannot have automatic order processing steps such as printing labels, creating bills of lading to shipping units.

To overcome this, sellers can sync Omisell with Omisocial to sync orders from Omisocial to Omisell system so that they can continue with automatic order processing steps here. This article will show you how to sync orders from Omisocial to Omisell for processing.

First, to be able to sync orders from Omisocial to Omisell, the Omisocial sales page first needs to connect with Omisell.

After the Omisocial page has connected to Omisell, you log in to Omisell and select Orders>> All Orders >> Sync Orders


In the new window that opens, select the type of order status you want to sync (Pending orders/All) and select the Omisocial page you want to sync orders to the Omisell system >> Sync orders

The window will then switch to a list of previous updates on the Omisell system. You select the x in the upper right corner of the window to close and complete the sync process

When the order update status table displays the "Sync processing" status as 0, the synchronized order will be displayed in the order list table.

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