After you have set up product information on OmiSocial sales page, then you will create campaigns (if any) to promote sales on the page.

This article will instruct you how to create voucher on OmiSocial. Creating voucher makes it possible to apply a promotion to a certain group of customers or boost sales by adding conditions to receive a discount. For example, when using this feature, you can create a free shipping code for orders with a minimum value of $50 or 10% off for orders from $50. This feature helps customers to buy more products to use the discount.

To create voucher on Omisocial, in the sales page, select Campaign & Promotion >> Vouchers.

In the Vouchers screen, select Create voucher.

In the new window, fill in the information about the name of the campaign, voucher, time to apply, then select the type of voucher you want to apply to product or to the shipping fee: Discount on purchased amount and Free Shipping.

Depending on the type of voucher, you fill in the corresponding necessary information.

Discount on purchased amount

Free Shipping

After filling all required informations, then choose the product(s) to apply the voucher (See How to manage product in OmiSocial). Then select Create voucher to save changes.

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