Omisocial is an application that helps to create a free sales page and has features to run Flash Sale campaigns, Gifts with or buy products with good prices to push sales effectively.

Connecting Omisell with Omisocial will make the process of using Omisocial to sell easier with support features from Omisell such as synchronizing products from other sales channels to post on Omisocial, centralized order management from Omisocial and other sales channels, can generate bills of lading automatically with Omisell-affiliated carriers.

To connect Omisell with Omisocial, you need to log in to your Omisell account, then choose to connect the sales channel to add the newly created Omisocial sales page to Omisell.

In the Connect with Omisocial section, fill in the following information:
Store name: The name you put to easily remember the sales page
Your domain: The domain name of the sales page you created and want to sync products from Omisell to (form: [Page Name]
Currency: Select the currency you are using

Note: Once Omisell is linked with Omisocial, it is linked to a sales page created on Omisocial. Each new sales page on Omisocial is considered as a separate sales channel (online store) for the Omisell system.

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