Synchronizing products, inventory and reviews (customer reviews) from Shopee will help increase the reliability of your sales website. At the same time, this synchronization helps sellers centrally manage inventory and save information about their products.

To sync products, inventory and reviews from Shopee, follow these instructions:

Step 1: Log in Omisocial -> select Products

Step 2: Select All products -> Create product -> Import from Stores

Step 3: Select Shopee  -> Integrate Store
If you have multiple shops on Shopee, select the shop you want to sync to OmiSocial.

Step 4: Confirm Authorization for OmiSocial.

Step 5: Confirm synchronization information according to the instructions on the system screen -> Import

Step 6: The screen will appear to successfully synchronize the number of products in the shop on your sales channel.

Step 7: Complete product synchronization, review and inventory.
The screen will appear all products that have been successfully synced from Shopee to OmiSocial.

And you can click to view these products on the sale page immediately.

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