Adding more payment methods on OmiSocial will help you increase your ability to reach more customers. To install payment methods on the OmiSocial sales page, follow the instructions below:

At the new interface, select sales page to set up payment then click Setting

Then select Payment to set up payment

Here you have many different payment methods to set up:

Manual payment methods
In the Manual Payment Methods, select Add Payment Setting. Here, you can install 2 payment methods on the OmiSocial sales page

COD (cash on delivery)
In the Add payment setting, select Payment method as Cash on delivery (COD) and payment method name according to your calling (eg: Cash payment,…) >> Make a note (if necessary) then select Add new to save the settings.

The newly created method name will appear in the Manual Payment Methods along with the payment status (on or off) and edit payment method.

Bank transfer payment settings

In the Add payment setting, select Payment method is Bank transfer, fill in the name of the payment method and you enter the bank name, bank account and account number, make a note (if necessary) then select Add new to save.

Similar to the COD payment, the newly created method will appear in the Manual Payment Methods along with the payment status (on or off) and edit payment method.

Payment settings through Alepay
At the payment settings interface, select Connect AlePay, then fill in the information about Token key, Encrypt key, Checksum key in your AlePay account and select Connect Alepay to save the settings.

How to get Token key, Encrypt key, Checksum key information in AlePay

AlePay is an online payment system of Ngan Luong, allowing to make online payment transactions simply, quickly and securely when using credit cards.

Applying the latest technologies, AlePay provides the ability to pay with just a click, which maximizes convenience for users when making transactions.

In addition, with the automatic cycle payment feature, AlePay can be used for different forms of payment such as installment payment, monthly payment, ... without other complicated operations for users.

AlePay is highly appreciated for its outstanding advantages:

  • Experience: AlePay is provided by a team with many years of experience in the Fintech field and is sponsored by Online Payment Gateway.
  • A whole new experience: AlePay brings the user's payment experience to a new level, removing the fear of users. Using AlePay's solutions will help increase customers.
  • AlePay offers many forms of payment: online payment, installment payment ( 0% interest), monthly recurring payment.
  • Absolute Security: AlePay strictly comply with the highest standards of online payment security to protect customer data.

Create an AlePay account

To install AlePay payment method on OmiSocial sales page, you first need to have an AlePay account. To register for an AlePay account, access AlePay registration >> fill in all information: email, password, security code and select "I agree to the Terms of". Then select Sign up for an account.

After registration is complete, you log in to the email address registered on Alepay to activate your account and start using AlePay.

Get the necessary parameters to connect AlePay payment method on Omisocial

Log in to your AlePay account, select Account > Declare MC > fill in the required information > Verify account.

After that, the system notifies that the information authentication is successful. Wait for a few hours for AlePay to record the information

In the AlePay dashboard, select Account > Account settings > Select the integrated Key card

Select Full view, enter the password and security code.

The Payment Connection Code window appears. Here, the Seller copies the Token key, Encrypt Key, Checksum Key into the AlePay payment method settings on Omisocial.

How to connect Shopee Pay
To be able to install the Omisocial sales page that can pay via Shopee Pay, you first need to register for your page according to the instructions below:

Entering registration link Fill in the information Become a ShopeePay partner, choose the form of cooperation as Payment on the website/app >> Select Submit information. After this step, you need to wait for Shopee Pay's response and registration instructions via the contact method left on the above registration form.

There is also a way to save more time than you can contact via email address [email protected] or [email protected] for instructions on preparing the documents to receive the Client Id, Secret Key, Merchant Ex Id and Store Ex Id from ShopeePay for 02 payment resources on Desktop and Mobile (each with 1 pair of configuration codes).

After receiving information from Shopee Pay, select Setting >> Payment >> Shopee Pay

Then, fill in the information you received from ShopeePay in the form then select Connect Shopee Pay to confirm the settings.

How to connect MoMo

To be able to use MoMo, a Momo Business account is required first. Vendors contact MoMo directly to register to provide services.

After completing the contract, the Seller is provided with integrated information by MoMo:

- Partner Code
- Access Key
- Secret Key


MoMo Business accounts are different from personal MoMo accounts. The account used to connect to Omisocial must be a business account (MoMo Business)

After having a MoMo Business account, the seller integrate payment with MoMo wallet on Omisocial as follows:

At the Omisocial sales page, if you want to install payment with MoMo wallet, select Settings >> Payment >> MoMo

Here, fill in the information about Partner Code, Access Key, Secret Key of MoMo Business account, then select Connect Momo

How to connect VNPay

To use the VNPAY payment, the seller needs a VNPAY merchant account.

Sellers can contact VNPAY to register or call VNPay's hotline (1900 55 55 77) to learn more about this merchant account registration process.

After the registration is completed, the seller will be provided with the integration information:

  • TMN Code
  • Hash Secret

After registering an account with VNPAY, the account needs to be activated, the integration information takes effect.

After having a merchant VNPAY account (activated and integrated information), the seller installs payment by VNPay wallet on the Omisocial sales page as follows:

At the Omisocial sales page, if you want to install payment with VNPay, select Settings >> Payment >> VNPay

Here enter information about TMN Code and Hash Secret in your VNPAY merchant account and select Connect VNPay.

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