In order to avoid that many virtual buyer accounts on the Omisocial sales page, the Omisocial system integrates the login account verification feature for buyers by verifying via OTP message on the phone or logging in with Facebook account.

To install the account verification registered on this Omisocial selling page, select Setting >> Connect Facebook / Google ID. In this section, you can set up 2 ways to verify the login for buyers at your Omisocial sales page.

Registration verification via OTP

This is a form that requires buyers to register for a purchase account on Omisocial by phone number. The account registrant will receive an OTP verification code in the sms message to be able to successfully register an account.

This ensure that the buyer's phone number is a real number, however this form charges 1000 VND/registered phone number. To use this form of account verification registered via OTP, you need to add a visa payment card first and then turn on Verify user via OTP.

Verify login via Facebook

To be able to activate the way to register for an account via Facebook, Omisocial sellers need:

After you have the required information about App secret, App ID, API version, then select Add login method.

In the new window, select Facebook Channel and then fill in the above information in the table and then select Save.

Verify login via Google

Similar to the confirmation step with Facebook, you need to have the App Secret, App ID, Google API parameters and then select Add login channel in the Social login section. In the newly opened window, select the Google channel and fill in the parameters and then select Save.

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