Generally, in product detail pages on e-commerce websites, there will be CTA buttons (Call - To - Action) including Add to cart, Buy now, Contact us,...

In the Omisocial sales page, you can customize these function buttons and customize the ways to contact the seller such as calling, messaging via Zalo, Facebook Messenger,etc.

This article will show you how to install these CTA buttons on your Omisocial sales page.

To access the CTA buttons setting, in the Omisocial sales page, select Store Decoration

At the newly opened interface, select Home is Product

Then click on CTA Footer

You can start editing the contents of the CTA footer.

You can select Add more to add CTA buttons on the page such as Chat Zalo, Chat FB, contact,... After selecting the buttons to add, you can perform other actions such as sorting position (up/down buttons), remove button or set to primary (applicable only to Buy Now and Add to Cart).

Below is an image of the buttons that can be selected in the Add new CTA section of Omisocial. Depending on the type of CTA, you need to fill in corresponding additional information such as phone number, account ID, ...

After completing the installation about the content of the CTA button then select Save settings to complete.

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