In the OmiSocial sales page, apart from creating price promotion (Flash Sale) and bundled gifts (Buy with shock price), you can also create promotional programs on shipping fees such as freeship for orders with a minimum value, or set a default shipping fee for orders.

Shipping fee configurator

To install this shipping fee on Omisocial, select the sales page where you want to set the shipping fee >> Select Settings >> Shipping >> Add shipping area

In the new window, select the province in Vietnam you want to set up shipping.  If you want to set the same shipping fee nationwide, you can choose All provinces

After selecting the area, a list of selected areas will be displayed in the Shipping Options.

Here select Add shipping area to set up your shipping plan.

In the new window, fill in the necessary information such as Name of the shipping method and choose 1 of 3 charging standards: All, Based on product price and Based on weight (choose the order value or weight applied shipping costs). Then fill in the information about the corresponding shipping price according to the conditions.

An area can apply many shipping methods

Edit shipping settings

To edit or view detailed shipping settings, click on the name of the shipping method you want to view or edit. You can edit the details of this shipping setting and customize the shipping fees.  After editing the necessary information, click Update to save.

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