After creating a product in Omisocial or syncing the product from Omisell to Omisocial sales page, you can start selling/stop selling of that product on the page, sync feedbacks, sales, inventory updates in the product management section or create product categories in the collection to easily manage and design the sales page. This article will show you how to manage products in OmiSocial.

Remove Sample Product

When you start creating a new product in Omisocial, you will see that the product management will have default products available as a template. You can choose Remove sample products to delete these default products.

Update Inventory

In Products section, choose the products you want to update inventory >> Action >> Update stock

In the new window, update the stock of products and then select Update inventory to save changes.

Change status: Selling /Stop selling

Change the status of a product.

In the Selling column of Product Management page. Swipe the button to change the status of selling/stop selling products. In which the blue button means that products are for sale; The gray button means stop selling products.

Change the status of multi products

Choose the products you want to change the status >> Action >> Choose deactivate or update stock.

Continue to sell products when out of stock

This is an outstanding feature of Omisocial, helping you not to miss out orders on temporarily out of stock, but you can replenish inventory in time to process orders.

To use this feature, in the product management section >> Click on the name of the product you want to continue selling when out of stock >> In the inventory section of product categories/or product inventory (no classification) ) >> select Continue selling when the product is out of stock.

Update feedbacks

In order to make customer trust and buy the product, having product feedbacks/ reviews is very important. Omisocial has updated the product evaluation synchronization feature from the e-commerce platforms (via Omisell) and synchronized the evaluation via excel file.

Synchronize reviews from the E-commerce platforms

To synchronize the product reviews from e-commerce platforms on Omisocial, you need to connect with Omisell to sync products from platforms to Omisocial (See instructions here) . Products that are synced from the e-commerce platforms via Omisell to Omisocial will be able to use the reviews feature if the product SKU on the platform and on Omisocial are the same.

In detail, at the Product Management  >> Import Product Reviews

In the new window, choose to sync reviews from platform.

Add product reviews via Excel file

In Product Management >> Import Product Reviews. In the new window, download the sample excel file >> upload the evaluation excel file >> select Submit to save.

Create Collection

Create collection to group products with the same type for sellers to easily manage sales as well as easily group products to create marketing campaigns.

To group products in Omisocial, go to Products >> Collections >> Create Collection.

In the window, enter the name of the collection/product category you want to create and a description and images (if any). Then choose add products Manual or Existing and future products that match the conditions you set will automatically be added to this collection >> Create new.

Create manually

You can select products by SKU or product list >> and then select create new to save.

Product updates automatically based on conditions

In the section to add conditions to filter products, you choose the type of product filter conditions: All conditions or Any conditions >> Add conditions >> Fill in the conditions you want to add >> select Create new to save again.

Add product variant/category

Currently, Omisocial only supports adding product variants/categories for products with many pre-existing categories. To add product variant/category, go to Product details >> Add new variant >> Select Update variant to save.

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