After setting up the installation information, to start selling with Omisocial, you need to design the sales pages to attract buyers.

Omisocial is optimized for the mobile interface. To start designing the Omisocial sales page, select Store Decoration section where you can start decorating your sales page.

At the sales page design interface, you can drag and drop frames to insert into the page.

After dragging and dropping to arrange the position of the display frames on the page, you can click on each frame to insert the image/product/category and choose the path to…

- To display the Flash Sale frame, you need to install the Flash sale program according to the instructions How to create a Flash Sale campaigns on Omisocial.

- In the product category, if you want the products to be displayed according to the selected categories, you need to create a Product Collection according to the instructions for creating a product/collection category in the article How to manage products in Omisocial.

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