Option 1: Manually add products

In the list of sales pages on the Omisocial main screen, click on the sales page you want to add products to. At the newly opened interface, select Products


You'll see a product management panel with a list of Omisocial's example goods when you first access the interface. You may change product information according to the form by clicking on those products, or you can add new product information by selecting "Create product".

In the interface to add products or in the sample product details, add and edit product information, images and then click "Add new product" to save.

Option 2: Sync products from other sales channels to Omisocial

You can only use this approach if you have an Omisell account. To do so, go into your Omisell account and choose to link the sales channel to add the newly established Omisocial sales page to Omisell, following the steps for connecting the shopping platforms.

Fill in the following information in the Connect with Omisocial section:
Name of the store: The name you gave the sales page to make it easier to recall.
Your website address is: The URL of the sales page you built and wish to sync items from Omisell to (form: [Page Name].omisocial.com)
Currency: On the newly connected Omisocial sales page, select the currency you're using.

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