After you have enough product information on the Omisocial sales page, next you will add promotions (if any) to promote sales on the page.
Below is how to create a Flash Sale on the Omisocial sales page.

Select the Prices & Promotions section on the sales page where you want to add the offer. Select Flash Sale for sale page*

Here, click Create a Flash Sale in the upper right corner to add a new Flash Sale campaign for the sales page.

In the Create a Flash Sale campaign interface for the sales page, you will need to set the time and add the products that apply for the flash sale program.

  • Choice of time frame

At the time frame selection window, you select the date to apply the flash sale campaign, the start and end time of the flash sale campaign and select Confirm to save. The minimum Flash Sale time frame on Omisocial is 30 minutes/time

  • Add products

In the window to add Flash Sale products, select the products you want to run the program on, a list of selected products will be displayed in the Product Information panel. Then select Add product to save.

After filling in the above 2 information items, the interface will switch to the flash sale price setting, the number of products sold at the flash sale price, and the customer's limit of 1 product per purchase.

After entering the information, select Create Flash Sale to complete. So you have created the Flash sale campaign.

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