Are you selling on Lazada e-commerce platform? Want to register for the Flash Sale Lazada program to boost sales for your shop? Here's what you need to know about Flash Sale Lazada, making it easy for you to increase your store's sales!

What is the Lazada Flash Sale Program?

Flash Sale Lazada is a Lazada promotion for Sellers to promote products to customers at good prices. The special program takes place every day with many products in selected categories and runs in different time frames, depending on the program that Lazada will run. Therefore, registering for Flash Sale Lazada gives Sellers:

1. Opportunity to access potential traffic thanks to a large number of visitors at the right time of Flash Sale.

2. Increase conversion rate.

3. Attract visitors to the store, creating opportunities for other products to be noticed.

4. Flash Sale deals will be displayed on Lazada homepage

Conditions to participate in Flash Sale Lazada

  • Any Lazada seller can participate in Lazada Flash Sale
  • Total products sold in 30 days from the date of registration must be > 20 products.
  • Cancellation rate < 2%.
  • Depending on each industry and each Flash Sale run, there will be different requirements, so sellers should do your research carefully before joining.
  • Inventory will be locked from the time the seller clicks to register for the Flash Sale program.

Note: Depending on the category, the number of products displayed in the Deal will be limited, usually the system will choose the best attributes for the customer.

For example discount rates, clicks, etc.

How to join Flash Sale Lazada

Step 1: Seller accesses Seller Center -> Manage promotions

Step 2: Choose Flash Sale

Step 3: Select the appropriate program and press Join

You can check the approved product by following these instructions:

Seller Center -> Promotions -> Manage promotions -> Registered promotions -> Select program name -> Check product status -> Display time on Lazada homepage.

So you already have the necessary information when preparing to register to participate in the Flash Sale Lazada program. Good luck!

OmiSocial was created to meet the needs of implementing push sales, upsell and cross-selling programs for businesses – something that many website providers currently have limited.

Benefits of choosing OmiSocial to run Flash Sale programs

  • Simple interface easy to use
  • Good support for limited-time sales promotions, and quantity sold
  • There are cross-selling features such as buying with a shock price when the order reaches the minimum value, gifts with the main product, etc.
  • Optimal interface for phone users similar to Shopee
  • Operational cost savings as OmiSocial does not charge (Free)
  • Can connect with Omisell to sync orders from other sales channels to OmiSocial more easily.
  • Can process orders automatically through synchronizing orders from OmiSocial to Omisell for centralized order management.

With these benefits, using OmiSocial to run Flash Sale programs on the floor becomes much simpler. Currently OmiSocial is in the beta phase and has not been officially put into operation, but you can sign up to be one of the first to try OmiSocial here.