Flash Sale is an indispensable part of business, especially online business. This is one of the best ways to discharge, increase sales, boost sales, and build loyal customers. To have a successful Flash Sale program, sellers need a specific strategy and clear directions. The following article of Omisell will show 10 tips to implement a successful Flash Sale campaign.

1. Determine the program time

Time is a very important factor for you to choose your Flash sale program. Not every slow-selling goods will organize Flash Sale to push goods, if you do not choose the right time, your program will not achieve the desired effect, even affecting the brand image.

In addition, time is also one of the factors that govern your budget for Flash Sale. It may depend on the product or the goal of the plan. So you need to have a clear plan, which lists the occasions that will have Flash Sale that will be held in the year according to the timeline.

2. Select the target customer

Whatever the purpose of your Flash Sale program, to be successful, you should focus on the customer first. The right customers are the most easily influenced and most likely to buy, even recommending to their friends to buy the same. Therefore, before implementing the Flash Sale program, take the customer as the basis to come up with the most reasonable and effective strategies.

3. Select products for Flash Sale

Depending on the strategy and timing, the products selected for each Flash Sale program will be different. Make a list of products for each Flash Sale program to prepare for the amount of inventory because surely when the program starts, the level of consumption will increase rapidly.

4. Select the sales channel to organize Flash Sale

Depending on the time and campaign of the Flash Sale program, the seller will choose the appropriate organizational channel. For example, you will organize Flash Sale for customers to buy directly at the store to increase brand awareness at one location instead of selling online.

Or on big sale days like 11.11, you can organize Flash Sale on all your sales channels to promote sales: Website, social networks (Facebook, Zalo, Instagram), e-commerce platforms (Shopee, Lazada, etc.) Tiki,…).

5. Organize a Marketing plan

Marketing is an important part of whether your Flash Sale program succeeds or fails. Because you need as many people to know about your program as possible. It will not be a waste when you invest your marketing costs properly to get the best results.

A Flash Sale program is not simply "selling out" products at low prices, but it needs to bring certain messages for customers to remember. To do this, you should also put titles and topics on communication products, such as posters, banners, articles, etc.

6. Prepare logistics thoroughly

Before the Flash Sale, the seller needs to check what the products participating in the program are, and whether the inventory is enough to meet the quantity sold in all situations. Out of stock right during Flash Sale will definitely bring an unwanted experience to every customer. This is the most important factor that determines the success or failure of your Flash Sale.

7. Quality commitment, product return policy

Even selling products on sale, the seller also needs to ensure the quality of the products, specifying the return requirements from the customer. This is the factor that will determine whether customers will continue to buy from you or not.

All shoppers will feel respected when buying products on sale while still enjoying the benefits of every customer when shopping in your store.

8. Focus on customer service

Important times like before, during the Flash sale day and after the Flash Sale are the explosive messages of stores/brands. Customers will ask a lot about product information, expiry date, warranty and return policy, etc. That's why sellers need to carefully train customer care staff to handle situations well. situations may occur.

9. Monitoring the operation process

The operational process is an indispensable element in the business apparatus, especially during Flash Sale when orders increase continuously. Even a small mistake such as getting the wrong product or lack of goods will also reduce the credibility of customers for the store.

You need to ensure the correct inventory quantity, good product quality, separate the products that will participate in the Flash Sale program so that the operation (picking up products, packing) is shortened and increased accuracy. corpse.

10. Evaluation of Flash Sale program results

After running the Flash Sale program, what are the results? All customer data, calls and texts and online visits along with revenue changes need to be aggregated for evaluation. Success or failure will depend on the results you get compared to the original goal and compared to the revenue from previous Flash Sales.

Besides, you need to consider the mistakes made during the program to learn from them for the next time. For example, for new customers, how do you need to advertise the product in the next time?

Sending emails, messages thanking customers for supporting the program, giving feedback on promotional products/services is also a way to market your brand and create the best shopping experience for customers.

OmiSocial was created to meet the needs of implementing push sales, upsell and cross-selling programs for businesses – something that many website providers currently have limited.

Benefits of choosing OmiSocial to run Flash Sale programs

  • Simple interface easy to use
  • Good support for limited-time sales promotions, and the number of goods sold
  • There are cross-selling features such as buying with a shock price when the order reaches the minimum value, gifts with the main product, etc.
  • Optimal interface for phone users similar to Shopee
  • Operational cost savings as OmiSocial does not charge (Free)
  • Can connect with Omisell to sync orders from other sales channels to OmiSocial more easily.
  • Can process orders automatically through synchronizing orders from OmiSocial to Omisell for centralized order management.

With these benefits, using OmiSocial to run Flash Sale programs on the floor becomes much simpler. Currently OmiSocial is in the beta phase and has not been officially put into operation, but you can sign up to be one of the first to try OmiSocial here.